Sara Darrigrand Bourg

Webdevelopper - Expert Wordpress - Expert SEO - Webdesigner - IT Consultant

Albany, CA, USA
Age: 35 years old
Born: Septembre 9th, 1984 in Pau (64, France)
Téléphone : +1 (916) 642-6809
Nationality: French
Driving license: Car license

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Dedicated web developer with 12 years of experience as a freelancer, entrepreneur and in the industry. Strong creative, analytical skills, autonomous and organized with expertize in Wordpress, website design and e-commerce.

Work experiences

September 2013 - today

Freelance Web Developer
Passionate about Internet and web development, I decided to work as a freelancer in September 2013.
Organized, proactive and autonomous, I am focused on developing and delivering high quality websites and projects to help my customers promoting their brands and projets (business websites, eCommerce websites, educational websites, blogs, portfolio websites, ...).

  • Design / development: collecting business requirements, designing theme and website structure in collaboration with customers, guiding them through design options to adopt best solutions per customer needs, developing end to end solutions from development to production.
  • Maintenance / updates / corrections: helping customers to solve presentation layers or performance issues, remodel their existing websites, adding new features, updating or migrating to new platforms (Wordpress/Prestashop).
  • Website promotion: promoting customer website or brand with SEO, loading time optimization, content optimization (Google tools like Ad Words, Ad Campaign, Keyword planner, Search Console and Wordpress plugins like Yoast SEO, SEMRush, ...).

Technical skills:
  • Wordpress, CSS, PHP, HTML5, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, Prestashop, Google tools, Photoshop

more details

Examples of my last projects:
  • A website for a solar company: I created this website from scratch. First, I helped my client to choose a Wordpress theme and then I installed it and customized it. I created the different pages my client needed and optimized the loading time of each page. Then, when the website was finished and validate by my client, I deployed it, tested it and regulary I update Wordpress, the theme, the plugins and I correct what needs to be corrected. My client wanted her website to be responsive and to load quickly. I placed a great emphasis on these aspects.
  • A website for a preschool: I created this website from scratch and I developed this website to match my client's requirements. I configured and customized the theme they picked and I created a secured space for parents so they can see the last updates about the school and their children. I also optimized the website for Google to help them get new clients. Today this preschool is very successful in its area.
  • A website for a start up who helps people to invest and settle in the US: I created this website from scratch. I developed a Wordpress theme to match the Photoshop mock-up that the client gave me.
  • A website to sell farm products:I developed this website from scratch, using Prestashop. My client wanted to show her products and to sell them through this website.

Technical Environment : Wordpress, Prestashop, CSS, PHP, HTML5, Javascript, Ajax, JQuery, Photoshop, SEO

Visit my portfolio at Web Creat'in to see my completed projects (only in French - the English version is coming soon).
Mai 2012 - September 2013

Web Developpement Analyst
Made In design is an online shop of modern and contemporary furnitures, since 1999 (
My role was Web Developement Analyst, part of a small team, responsible in the development of the Made in Design websites, in charge to develop Back-end tools to support the following business teams: Customer Service, Purchasing, Service B to B and Logistics Service.

  • Responsible of the maintenance of the existing e-commerce websites for all 3 environments Development, Stagging and Production (Expershop, PHP).
  • In charge of Back-end tools developments through the whole release lifecycle: analysis, development, testing and deployment (PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Java, Talend).
  • Responsible to provide analytics data to the different business teams by extracting datasets from different databases.
  • In charge of support B to B website.

Technical skills:
  • PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Java, Talend, ExperShop

+ de détails
My tasks within the Made in Design company:
  • Application maintenance, updating content and support on the ExperShop platform of Made In Design websites
  • Setting business operations on the database of the ExperShop platform of Made In Design websites
  • Extraction and analysis of data from different databases
  • Support for B to B website
  • Development of Back-end tools in PHP, Java and Talend (analysis, coding, testing and deployment)

Technical Environment: PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Java, Talend, ExperShop

September 2008 - April 2012
IT Consultant
Astek is a French IT consulting and services company (
Working in IT technologies, I was part of several development teams and involved in multiple Java J2EE and PHP development projects.

  • Responsible of PHP / MySQL developments on Joomla!.
  • Development in Java of various applications and back-end developments.
  • Creation, optimization and documentation of PL/ SQL stored procedures.
  • Responsible of design and development of a management application for a logistics platform (IBM Rational Application Developer, Oracle 10g, Java, JSP, PHP, Javascript).

Technical skills:
  • Eclipse 3.2, PostgreSQL 8.1, Struts Framework, Java, XML, JSP, Joomla!, PHP, MySQL

+ de détails
Here is a description of various projects in which I participated:

IRA - In charge of Java developments of a subscription module to help students enroll to French administration examination.
  • Participated in the functional analysis and documentation for functionality improvements.
  • In charge of Java developments leveraging the Strusts Framework, and unit testing.

Technical Environment: Eclipse 3.2, PostgreSQL 8.1, Struts Framework, Java, XML, JSP

Orange Business Services - Developments of a electronic document management portal based on the Nuxeo framework (Enterprise Content Management).
  • In charge of developing an external application (in Java and SWT - graphics library for Java) to import documents into the main application leveraging the Restlet communication protocol and framework.
  • In charge of multiple Java API and back-end modules developments.
  • In charge of GUI Developments (Front End) for the web layer of the application, using JSP and AJAX.

Technical Environment: Nuxeo Framework, Hibernate, Java, Graphical User Interfaces in Java: SWT, JSP, AJAX

Astek - Creation of a Joomla! component to manage a validation items workflow.
  • Responsible of designing and creating the data model.
  • Responsible of PHP / MySQL developments for the Joomla! component that contains a website and an admin section to enable the validation steps during user authentification.

Technical Environment: Joomla!, PHP, MySQL

France Telecom - Creation of PL/SQL modules and stored procedures that would display, update and return values for a network connection.
  • In charge of developing 9 stored procedures corresponding to different information elements of a network connection.
  • Responsible of stored procedure optimizations.
  • In charge of providing detailed documentations on the stored procedures developed.

Technical Environment: Unix, Oracle 10g, PL/SQL

SAMSE - Design and development of a management application for a logistics platform.
  • Participated on the application design of a feature to manage customer orders.
  • In charge of customer orders data model design and developments.
  • In charge of development of customer orders functionalities.
  • In charge of design and developments of a feature to manage supplier litigations (based on receipts suppliers) and unit testing (creating data model, prototype and taking into business rules).

Technical Environment: IBM Rational Application Developer, Oracle 10g, Java, JSP, PHP, Javascript

Made In Design - Application maintenance of websites and Development of Back-end tools
  • Application maintenance, updating content and support on the ExperShop platform of Made In Design websites
  • Setting business operations on the database of the ExperShop platform of Made In Design websites
  • Extraction and analysis of data from different databases
  • Support for B to B website
  • Development of Back-end tools in PHP, Java and Talend (analysis, coding, testing and deployment)

Environnement technique: Windows, PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Java, Talend, ExperShop


February 2008 - July 2008
Internship to validate my Master degree, at Cap Gemini.

  • In charge of test automation, support and specific developments on a French ERP for two customers.

Technical skills:
  • SQL Server, ERP ATEN, Rational Functional Tester, SQL database, Java, XML

+ de détails
Test automation, support and development on specific ERP (ATEN) for 2 French customers (ABR and T2S).
The internship took place in 3 parts:
  • Responsible for the test automation to validate key processes of the ERP ATEN users (ERP full Web, developed by Imagina International), through the tool of IBM Rational Functional Tester.
  • In charge of a specific development in the module "Logistics" for the client ABR.
  • In charge of customer support (hot line contact and email).

Technical Environment: Windows XP, SQL Server 2003 and 2005, ERP ATEN, Rational Functional Tester, bd SQL, Java, XML

This final internship gave me my first experience where I was in direct contact with the client. It also allowed me to work on another ERP smaller, for another market, than Oracle (small enterprises).
May 2007 - August 2007
Discovery and development around the ERP Oracle eBusiness Suite as part of a TPA for the international group SOITEC.
+ de détails
Integrated in a team of a dozen people to participate in the TPA for the Group SOITEC around the Oracle ERP e-Business Suite.
The internship took place in 4 parts:
  • Training on ERP Oracle E-Business Suite and Business Objects.
  • Writing a detailed technical specification in English on the process chain planning (this channel is used to collect data such as forecasts of customer orders, customer orders, stock materials, ... to do after calculations, an estimate on purchase orders - orders supplier - and production orders).
  • Creating a Report with Oracle Reports, to list the shipments made during the inter-organization transfers (Bernin-Singapore), and setting to integrate it to the ERP.
  • Changing the report on purchase orders for it to match the validation process of a purchase order. Depending on cost control and other criteria, I had to integrate the document, the signature of the corresponding line manager.

Technical Environment: Windows / Unix, Toad, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Reports, Oracle DB, PL / SQL, shell script

Through this internship, I discovered the world of SSII and understand some modules of ERP Oracle eBusiness Suite
July 2006 - August 2006
Enhancements and developments of geophysical modelling tools for geologists and geophysicists for the Total group. These tools are Java applets accessible via the Intranet group.
+ de détails
Enhancements and developments of geophysical modelling tools for geologists and geophysicists for the Total group. These tools are Java applets accessible via the Intranet group.
The internship took place in 3 parts:
  • Understanding calculations and geophysical models.
  • Enhancements and development of JAVA applets to implement these models and geophysical calculations.
  • Implementation of these applets on the Intranet Total.

Technical Environment: Linux IDE JBuilder, Java, Java Applet, HTML

This internship allowed me to join a large company whose main field is not the computer. I have been able to apply the computer to a domain which was unknown.


Other work experiences

Octobre 2015 - Juin 2018

French Teacher
During three school years, I was a French Teacher.
It was a great opportunity for me to discover the teaching world and to teach French to american children aged from 3 to 5 years old. Kids learnt so quickly thanks to our various activities such as : songs, rhymes, games, reading books, vocabulary, writen and fun exercises, yoga, gymnastic, ...
I also taught in an after school program to 5 to 8 years old french-speaking children and 8 to 10 years old english-speaking children.
January 2015 - March 2015

Prestashop Trainer
At the begining of 2015, I was in charge of a 5-days training to teach Prestashop, an e-commerce website platform, for a French business school, in San Francisco, CA.
At the end of the training, the students were able to create an e-commerce website and to sell products with it.


2019 - now
A few months ago, I designed and created a platform to allow French speaking people to exchange their books in French, in the US: It is not always easy to find or buy books in French when we live in the US and it can be very expensive to order or buy from French websites. This website responds to these problems and more than 350 books have already been exchanged in a few months only! 
2013 - now
With our expatriation, I created two blogs :
  • one to relate our experiences as a French family discovering the American way of life. The URL is:
  • another one which offer interviews of French-speaking expatriates from all over the world. The goal of this blog is to see how everyone manages their expatriation, the discovery of their new country and the distance with their family. The URL is:

For these two blogs, I did the following tasks:
  • Design and development of the blogs
  • Writing and publishing an article per day for 2 years then 3 per week for 2 years,
  • Creating a community (Facebook & Instagram),
  • SEO optimization
2009 - now
Development, in PHP / MySQL / CSS, of a personal and family website to share my genealogical tree with my family, as well as pictures, stories, various information ...
All this work into the genealogical tree on-line, research cousins, update the genealogical tree was concluded by the meeting of more than a hundred of cousins at a family reunion organized by my-self in June 2011.
  • Webdesign
  • PHP/CSS/MySQL development
Creation of a guide to teach how to read and write in French to french speaking children from 3 to 6 years old.
These books are available for purchase on Amazon.

Creation of a holiday journal of the little traveler, a fun, educational and essential tool to allow small travelers to keep a memory of their holidays or their summer.
Holiday periods available: 15 days, 30 days, 45 days and 60 days : enough to cover long trips or all summer break. These books are available for purchase on Amazon.

Writing and publishing an ebook "A practical guide to prepare and succeed in your expatriation".
This ebook is a complete tool for future expatriates to prepare their expatriation serenely: steps, experiences, advice, the future expatriate will find all the information needed to prepare this great project.
I created a launch page website to sell this ebook and it is also available for purchase on Amazon in a book format.


Development - Design


  • Development language: Java J2EE, Hibernate, Struts
  • Web Technologies and Internet: HTML, PHP, AJAX, Javascript, CSS
  • Databases: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g
  • PHP Framework: yiiframework
  • JavaScript libraries: JQuery, Prototype,
  • Database: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 10g
  • CMS: Joomla, WordPress
  • CMS e-commerce: Prestashop
  • ERP: Oracle e-business Suite + Oracle Reports, ATEN
  • Applied Computing: shell, batch, crontab
  • Data integration: Talend Open Studio


  • Development tools: Eclipse, Rational Application Developer (IBM), JBuilder
  • Database tools: MySQL, TOAD, SQL Server 2003-2005, PostgreSQL
  • Photography tools: Photoshop, Lightroom
  • Videography tools: Filmora
  • Application Servers: JBoss, Web sphere
  • Test tools: Rational Functional Tester (IBM)
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix
  • Office: Word, Power Point, Excel


  • Modelling Techniques: UML, Merise
  • Manage versions: CVS, SVN

Foreign languages

  • French: mother tongue
  • English: fluent
  • Espagnol: basic level


Advanced studies

September 2008
Obtaining Master MIAGE - Masters Computer Science Technology applicable to the Management of Businesses - french university diploma, combining two skills: computer science and management.
More details
The training MIAGE is in 4 years, after a first university year and is articulated around two main areas: information technology and management. Several internship are required to validate this training.

Here are the subjects studied:

Information Technology courses :
  • Architecture of Information Systems
  • Project management, methods and quality
  • Engineering software and modeling techniques
  • Operating Systems
  • Databases
  • Theoretical computer science: algorithms, languages theory, graph theory, operational research
  • Applied Computing: Object Oriented Programming, shell / batch
  • Web Technologies and Internet
  • Computer Networks
  • Mathematics algebra, probability, statistics

Management courses :
  • Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Controlling
  • Production Management
  • Business Organization
  • Economics (micro and macro economics)
  • Marketing
  • Business law
  • Communication Skills
  • English

2007 - 2008
Erasmus exchange semester at the University of Bath, England, where I took courses corresponding to my french training: 3 computer science courses and 2 management courses.
More details
Computer science :
  • Safety critical systems: Investigate security systems, understand the risks, dangers and show how the principles of security can be integrated in all stages of software development.
  • E-commerce & Intelligent agents: Studying the principles of intelligent agents: communications, negotiation, argumentation, auctions. Writing an agent and a multi-agent system.
  • Internet technology: Studying fundamental knowkledge of traditional network and distributed computing architectures. Studying applications for home use, corporate websites, enterprise partitioning of business processing.

Management :
  • Decision making: Studying how individuals and groups make decisions and identify the weaknesses of unaided decision making. It will show how decision analysis can help to overcome these weaknesses in problems where there may be a plurality of objectives, risk and both qualitative and quantitative attributes.
  • Fundamentals of accounting and financial management: Studying accounting and finance.
  • English

2002 - 2003
First year at the university of cursus MIAS - Mathematics and Computer Science applied to Sciences.

Level A

June 2002
Obtaining High school diploma with specialization of Science and Mathematics.

General Certificate of Secondary Education

June 1999
Collège de Morlaàs, Morlaàs, 64, France
Obtaining GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education).


Personal information

Personal situation: married, two children Nationality: french License: Car license


Interests: Cooking, traveling, photography, blogging



French resume

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English resume

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